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Lessons and Translation Services


Since earning her Bachelor's in Music and Education from Codarts (University for the Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands) in 2004, Loes has acquired almost 20 years of experience teaching and coaching individuals and groups.


She offers lessons and services in:

  • Vocal coaching: interpretation and improvisation

  • Band coaching: how to make music together with others

  • Songwriting 

  • Musical coaching applied to other performance disciplines (theater/dance/circus)

Genres: singer/songwriter, Irish/Scottish/English folk, bluegrass, country/americana, pop, rock, jazz

Individual lessons take place at Loes's home in Prague 4 Krč, close to metro stop Budějovická (red/C line). 


Loes is a native speaker of Dutch and is fluent in (American-)English. She is a certified TEFL teacher.

In language lessons with Loes, you will train all the skills required to master a language: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

The focus can be on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, or a mix of these.


Lessons and services she can offer:

  • Dutch language lessons (A0-C1)

  • English language lessons (A0-C1)

  • Translating song lyrics Czech -> English 

  • General translation services:

    • Dutch -> English

    • English -> Dutch

    • Czech -> English

    • Czech -> Dutch

Individual lessons take place either online or at Loes's home in Prague 4 Krč, close to metro stop Budějovická (red/C line). 


Singing or English language lessons... Why not both? 

Loes specializes in the interpretation and delivery of lyrics, knowing what you are singing about and delivering the message to the audience with feeling.

If you are looking for a way to expand your English vocabulary (including idioms,  slang, cultural references etc.), improve your pronunciation, and memorize examples of grammar rules in a fun and natural way, nothing beats singing!


Recommended for intermediate to advanced students.

Organizations Loes has worked with/for:


Codarts Circus Arts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (teaching music in contemporary circus)

ATA Music, "Bluegrass Wellness" and "Bluegrass Vegas", Czech and Slovak Republics (voice and bass lessons, band coaching)

Conny Janssen Danst (choir conductor in the show "Courage")

Various amateur pop choirs in the Netherlands for ages 10-99 (eg. Eurokoor, Koordaat, Sing 2 Swing, Chill)

Strenger i Gress, Norway (bluegrass workshop week, vocal lessons, and band coaching)

Rembrandt College, The Netherlands (regular 3-hour long music lessons for high school students)


Various improv theater troupes in the Netherlands (improvized singing for amateur actors)


 Yo! Opera, Utrecht, The Netherlands (high school workshops connected to the opera Orpheus et Eurydice)

Kunst Centraal, province of Utrecht, The Netherlands (professional training for primary school teachers)

ToBe, Dordrecht and SKVR, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (after-school music workshops for children)

Historische Spelen Woerden, The Netherlands (choir arrangements and vocal coaching for an amateur musical theater performace)


Insounder / Frontman, Czech Republic (e-zine for amateur musicians, translating Czech articles into English)

Glossa language school, Prague, Czech Republic (group lessons English, B1-C1 level)

Skřivánek language school, Prague, Czech Republic (individual lessons English and Dutch ,  A2-B1)

Freelance: several translations on demand (Czech -> Dutch and Czech -> English: corporate and cultural texts, song lyrics)

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