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Loes & Honza - Acoustic Duo

This international duo consisting of Dutch singer/guitarist Loes van Schaijk (sounds like "Lucy") and Czech singer/fiddler Honza Bartošek (AKA “Johny Bart”) plays acoustic songs from various genres. Their broad and multilingual repertoire (English, Czech, Dutch, and Gaelic) is a mixture of Loes' original songs, American country and bluegrass classics, Irish and Scottish pub songs, folk ballads and fiddle tunes from the British Isles and Canada, and covers of pop hits from artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Crowded House, and Tracy Chapman. 


Loes and Honza are not only gifted vocalists and instrumentalists but also charming personalities with a natural stage presence that invites you to smile, tap your feet, nod your head, sing along, get up and dance, or drift away into pleasant daydreams.  


Home in Prague, Czech Republic, Loes and Honza particularly love to travel, play living room concerts, and meet new people: this has brought them to Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, the UK (Sofar Sounds Southampton), and Ireland.

Loes van Schaijk: vocals, guitar
Honza Bartosek: vocals, violin

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