Loes & The Acoustic Engineers

The trio Loes & The Acoustic Engineers (CZ/NL) bring an original repertoire and an impressive collection of acoustic instruments to the stage. Their own brand of "indie-pop chamber-folk" blends narrative lyrics (in both English and Czech) with bluegrass virtuosity, pop melodies, jam band grooves, and Celtic sensibilities. 


In less than two years’ time, the band managed to win the prestigious folk competitions Porta 2021 and Interporta 2022 and made their way to the stages of festivals in various genres: alternative/indie (Otevřeno Jimramov), folk (Folkový Kolotoc, opening on the main stage for Druhá Tráva at Prázdniny v Telči), country (Starý Dobrý Western), bluegrass (Bluegrass Dokořán) and others (Jablonecké Tóny). The band has played live streams shows for Radio Proglas and Radio Olomouc, leading lady Loes has been interviewed by Country Radio and the ATA Music podcast, and LAE’s song “Princezna” was the #1 hit in the 32nd week of the 2022 hitparade Česká Dvanáctka on Radio Dvojka.

Loes van Schaijk: voice, upright bass, guitar

Honza Bartošek: voice, violin

Michal Rudolf Cádra: voice, guitar, mandolin, accordion


Svaťa Kotas Band

The music at the heart of Svaťa Kotas Band's repertoire derives from bluegrass and folk—call it "new acoustic music" or "musical poetry". This applies especially to the songs co-composed by the legendary banjo player Svaťa Kotas (founder of the band Fragment, with whom he toured the USA for many years) and guitarist Tomáš Vojtek. The melodies are lyrical and the lyrics are melodic. Though they are from different countries, the voices of Jana Vojtková (mandolin) and Loes van Schaijk (double bass) blend as if they were sisters. 

Though the band does not have much of an internet presence, they have a long history, and most of the CD's that Svaťa has recorded over the years (such as Pozdě v noci) are now sold-out collectors' items. Good news though: a new CD is in the works!


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