Loes & The Acoustic Engineers

Born on opposite ends of the Iron Curtain, three musicians with colorful personalities crossed paths at jam sessions in Prague. Fronted by songwriter Loes van Schaijk, Loes & The Acoustic Engineers brings an impressive collection of acoustic instruments to the stage. Their own “indie chamber-folk pop” sound, inspired by artists such as Paul Simon and Fleetwood Mac, blends storytelling lyrics with bluegrass virtuosity, jam band groove, and Celtic sensibility. 

Their very first public performance in June 2021 got them straight into the finals of the Porta competition, where they won 1st prize as well as being awarded by SAI and Radio Olomouc.

Loes van Schaijk: voice, upright bass, guitar, bodhrán

Honza Bartošek: voice, violin

Michal Rudolf Cádra: voice, guitar, mandolin, accordion


Jan Řepka & Bájsykl Band

Not counting their instrument(s), what can't musicians live without? A car, right?


For over 10 years, chansonnier, translator, and brilliant chess and Scrabble player Jan Řepka has been going on tour with his Californian Xtracycle, an extended cargo bike that easily carries a guitar, microphone stand, amplifier, and a travel backpack. 

In the Summer of 2021, Jan was joined for the first time by fiddle player Jan Bartošek and Loes van Schaijk, who bought a bass ukulele for the occasion. They rode over 340 kilometers in 18 days to play 15 concerts, singing songs about... bicycles! And so, the "Bájsykl Band" was born! 

Right now, the band is booking a tour for May 2022. Get in touch to find out if they will be in your area!


Red Herring

Red Herring is knee deep in the roots tradition, firmly rooted in modern times. Wether it's folk, bluegrass, country or americana, the Herrings are equally at home with all these roots styles. They will break the house down, tell musical tales of murder and adultery, will baffle with virtuoso playing and intense vocal harmonies, and might even bring a tear to the eye.

What started out as a duo between Arthur Deighton (guitar, mandolin) and Joram Peeters (guitar, violin) in 2012 soon became a trio when they asked Loes van Schaijk to play bass as a guest musician on their first studio album The Mountain Valley Sessions (2013). After Live at Volver (2014), they repeated the same trick with Here To Distract You (2015): guest musician Paul van Vlodrop (banjo, mandolin) became a permanent member of this band that celebrates their 10th anniversary this year!

Red Herring - Paul van der Blom - 02_edited.jpg

Svaťa Kotas Band

The music at the heart of Svaťa Kotas Band's repertoire derives from bluegrass and folk—call it "new acoustic music" or "musical poetry". This applies especially to the songs co-composed by the legendary banjo player Svaťa Kotas (founder of the band Fragment, with whom he toured the USA for many years) and guitarist Tomáš Vojtek. The melodies are lyrical and the lyrics are melodic. Though they are from different countries, the voices of Jana Vojtková (mandolin) and Loes van Schaijk (double bass) blend as if they were sisters. 

Though the band does not have much of an internet presence, they have a long history, and most of the CD's that Svaťa has recorded over the years (such as Pozdě v noci) are now sold-out collectors' items. Good news though: a new CD is in the works!


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