Originally from the Netherlands, Loes van Schaijkis a singer-songwriter

and instrumentalist based in Prague, Czech Republic. In European bluegrass and folk circles she is praised for her heart-felt vocal delivery, original songwriting, and for her sensibility and timing as a bass, guitar and bodhrán player.


Music movitates Loes’s every move in life—and vice versa. Her songs convey her search for human connection, for “home”;  her insatiable curiosity and appreciation of ambiguity; and her (often slightly self-depricating) sense of humor.


A storyteller first and foremost, Loes tries to steer clear of grand gesturesand instead brings a natural sound, charisma, and a memorable smile. Because of this, people have compared her style to June Tabor, Mary Black, Sandy Denny, and Tracy Chapman—to name but a few of Loes's musical heroes.


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